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What Outreach Means to God, Through Clear View Ministries Church (CVMC)?
First, if God did not do the Seeking, Saving, Revealing, and Drawing of His People to Himself, All of Our Outreach Efforts would be Meaningless and Fruitless.
God initiates the outreach process by assuring people of the reality of His love, so they can fee and experience Him for themselves, answering their doubts so people can know and believe in Him. This causes an awakening of their faith, so people hear and respond because "faith comes by hearing". By authenticating His message of reconciliation, people see and become accountable for not only their own personal lives but the lives of their families and communities. God uses VMC, as we go to God on their behalf through laying down our lives, standing in the gap, intercessory prayer, and awaiting a clear response from Him. Then, we go to the people as His ambassadors in Mission Statements, one-on-one witnessing, visitation, door-to-door ministry, church planting, etc. 
God uses CVMC in the outreach process to help assure people of His love through consideration and compassion, benevolence, and community outreach. Answering people's doubt through correction of misconceptions and apologetics, yet again, awakening people's faith through communication with God's Word. Clear View Ministries Church not only authenticates God's message by Proclaiming, Preaching, and Teaching (one-on-one, group, neighborhood Bible Studies) but moreover, by the Characterization and Reflection of Lifestyle Evangelism. 
Most importantly, outreach at CVMC looks to the Great Commission Mission Statement: found in the Book of Matthew. "Going" comprises the necessary prerequisite action, while "Make Disciples" is the main command. We can't make disciples of ALL nations without actually going. Essentially, a disciple is a learner, as are we all. Our task is to enroll people into the Kingdom of God. 
We accomplish this work to advance the Kingdom of God through evangelism and community involvement.
To learn more about the Outreach Ministry or find out how you can get involved, click here>>
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